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With over 300 days a year of beautiful golden sunshine, clear blue skies and soft sandy beaches, there's a lot to love about the island Djerba Tunisia. Wanna be relaxing lazily under a glorious sunshine, fair sky, golden sandy beaches enjoying a gentle breeze blowing? Djerba island will be the first destination that springs to your mind.

Djerba is a superb island located in the south east of Tunisia renowned for its mild climate with such a well cultivated soil. Its beauty and charm can be seen from the airplane since it's a perfect combination of crystal-clear seas and plentiful huge palms served in a picturesque green environment. The island is known for its azure sandy beaches as well as the countless awe-inspiring sites where ancient ruins lie such as the old synagogue El Ghriba and fortress like mosques. However, the Island of Dreams is not all about beaches culture and exploring. There's lots of enthralling activities to do for youngs and restless like bars, cafes, nightclubs, cruises, beach parties and restaurents lasting at all hours.

Djerba is one of the places which make an enduring impression on all who visit it as it's a fascinating site.

Relaxation in Djerba

Djerba Island is one of the most notable tourist attractions and the major islands in North Africa as a whole where tourist can enjoy all sorts of entertainment activities.

The island is admired as a summer resort for its soft sandy beaches , warm crystal clear water and magnificent weather . In addition , the island hosts a number of smaller coastal towns with remarkable touristic places such as Houmt Souq , Guellala , and Sidi Mehres . Houmt Souk is the largest town and one on the island that encloses the majority of its touristic places. Read out more.

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